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I have been married, to my husband Brandon for 10 years! We met where everyone meets their spouse in a giant bubble bath full of strangers. Seriously though, we met at a club in Columbus on foam night. He started dancing with me and we have been together ever since.

I am a mom to three of the most amazing little boys. I never imagined that I would be a #boymom but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Our days are filled with fun, laughter, big messes, and lots of cuddles.

I’m a summer girl, I love everything about it! The hotter it is outside the happier I am!!! I absolutely hate being cold. Most days you will find me snuggled up on my couch, working away on editing while under my heated blanket, with either Friends or Gilmore Girls playing on the tv. In case you are wondering, they were not on a break, and without a doubt, team Logan! Though Jess is a close second. 

Some Facts About Me 

My journey to photography came slowly. I have always had a love for photography but never thought I could create images that are as beautiful as you see in magazines. In college, when signing up for classes I would always browse the photography classes but for some reason, as much as I wanted to I never click the sign-up button. For years I dreamed of how fun it would be to have a wedding photography business. In 2016, while serving as a bridesmaid at a wedding, the photographer they chose had never worked with couples and was struggling with how to pose the bride & groom. At that moment I found myself calling out the poses for them while the photographer snapped away. This experience sparked something in me and I wanted my dream to become a reality, so I finally made the leap and bought myself a professional camera, and then I taught myself how to use it. I have spent countless hours reading about lighting and posing and learning from some of the best photographers in the country. In 2019, with only some pictures of my kids to show what I can do I booked my 1st wedding!! 

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