Sweet Spring Engagement Session at Glacier Ridge Park

I was so thrilled when Jessica reached out to me to photograph their wedding this Summer. We met for coffee shortly after and I got to meet both Jessica, Ryan AND their baby Michael. They told me all about how Jessica and Ryan met when they were neighbors in 2016. Ryan asked Jessica to marry her while they were building their first house together. We talked about how excited they were for their wedding day and also for Michael to turn one! During our meeting they talked about how they wanted to include Michael in their engagement picture and because we was about to turn one we decided to turn their engagement session into a mini birthday session too! So we set a date for late March and then Covid struck. Due to all the lock downs that went in place we had to keep pushing the session back but finally we were able to start back up in May and we scheduled the session immediately. I adored working with this family and can not wait to photograph their big day this weekend! Take a minute to view the rest of their session at Glacier Ridge Park in Plain City, Ohio.2020-07-23_0019.jpg2020-07-23_0016.jpg2020-07-23_0015.jpg2020-07-23_0007.jpg2020-07-23_0001.jpg2020-07-23_0022.jpg2020-07-23_0013.jpg2020-07-23_0017.jpg2020-07-23_0021.jpg2020-07-23_0018.jpg2020-07-23_0002.jpg2020-07-23_0004.jpg2020-07-23_0003.jpg2020-07-23_0020.jpg2020-07-23_0008.jpg2020-07-23_0006.jpg2020-07-23_0009.jpg2020-07-23_0014.jpg2020-07-23_0011.jpg2020-07-23_0012.jpg2020-07-23_0027.jpg2020-07-23_0023.jpg2020-07-23_0026.jpg2020-07-23_0028.jpg2020-07-23_0024.jpg2020-07-23_0029.jpg2020-07-23_0030.jpg2020-07-23_0005.jpg2020-07-23_0025.jpg2020-07-23_0031.jpgColumbus Ohio Wedding Photographer

July 24, 2020

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